Chewbacca Backpack, Cuddly Without Smelly

wookpack.jpgThe $40 Chewbacca backpack is what would happen if your MyBuddy grew a pair, took some steroids and helped you conquer the galaxy instead of your backyard. This backpack is a smaller version of your favourite Wookie, stuffable with your favourite books and lightsabers. And seriously, we prefer him to the real thing.

Chewbacca seems like a nice (guy?) and all, but the real prospect of living in close quarters with a flee-covered, boisterous and surely odoriferous animal for extended periods of time is about as close to our personal hell as an iconic sci-fi movie has come. And seriously, he has hair everywhere. Not only would a strand end up in a least one bite of every meal, but the possibility that the strand would be fouled with excrement is enough for us to program HAL to just go ahead and lock the pod bay doors during our next space walk. [thinkgeek via scifitech]

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