CellQ Phone Service Promises an End to Amusement Park Lines

mickey_takes_it.jpgTired of waiting two hours in the blistering heat to get on Space Mountain? If the folks at CellQ have their way, you could skip the annoying lines (friggin' Disney) and book your place. While you wait for a phone call notification that it is your turn, you can feel free to roam around the park. When the call does arrive, you are free to take your spot whenever you choose. The service also claims that it can recognise personal ride preferences, and help reunite parents with lost children. That's all well and good, but what happens when a whole mess of people have this service? What happens if they show up at the same time? How many fistfights will take place when CellQ users skip to the front and snicker at the poor bastards waiting in line? It's a good idea in theory, but my guess is that some major problems would erupt as the service grows more popular. Pricing information has not been made available. [TRFJ]

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