Casio Mouse Doubles as a Self-Stick Label Printer

CasioUSBLabelMousePrinter_f.jpgCasio makes an odd egg-shaped label printer, but now it looks like the company has somehow shoehorned the innards of the device into a USB Label Mouse Printer. This one has a scratching our heads, but under certain circumstances it might dawn on you that you suddenly need a label ratcheting out of your mouse, right next to your thumb. It's designed to print whatever you designate on your PC, and an added convenience is its ability to automatically print a label with the current date and time. It'll do that with any TrueType font you have installed on your PC, but if you take a look at the results in the gallery below, you'll notice its print quality is a bit grainy. The mouse printer is $29, and a pack of three roles of self-sticking thermal paper is $14. [Brando]


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