CarPhone Solves Wireless Calling in Car Without the Need for Bluetooth

1P02241107GI.jpgSo, you love your phone and your car so much you want to create a hybrid, but you are not going to embark on your ultimate mod before seeing some proof that it is possible. Thanks to some fellow, who deemed it fit to create a car/phone hybrid, your curiosities can now be settled. We do not know an awful lot about the machine itself. It seems it functions as a real vehicle, however the phone may or may not be functional. That is the deal breaker for us. Sure, you may say there was no deal to break, but we had our little hearts set on that being a functioning phone. Breaking our hearts is a deal breaker. Imagine making a call on that whilst you drive, now that really would be an impressive/hilarious feat! [Gizmo Watch]

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