BookSnap Rips Your Book Collection With a Little Help From Your Fingers

P06181107GI.jpgAtiz has developed a device called the BookSnap, which allow you to accurately rip your books to PDF format. The product is aimed at the individual consumer, which is interesting given its $1595 price tag. Nevertheless, the method of its operation is rather clever, but the BookSnap does have one tiny flaw: Essentially, the device works by taking images of each page with one of two digital cameras. The book is initially positioned in the V-shaped cradle, the machine auto adjusts the placement to ensure the pages are flat, once this is done the images are captured and relayed to a connected PC. Editing options are then presented on the computer, via the incorporated BookSnap software. This seems like a great idea, until you realise you manually have to turn each page independently. We spend far too much of our lives turning pages. In fact, we estimate we have spent some fifty cumulative years of our lives turning pages. Fifty years! Given that slight design flaw, this probably isn't that different to a flat bed scanner, but if it is paving the way to an automated device that can rip books for consumers, then we support it...after its price drops $1500. [Krunker]

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