Blending Guitar Hero (Tom Goes Nuts)

We know how much you love the Will it blend? series, so here is the latest installment. This edition sees our crazy buddy get a Guitar Hero controller into the blender, but not before going completely ape shit at the device, prepping it for the proper blending treatment. Well, we know the question that is currently residing on your lips, we also know some douche will ask it regardless of the video evidence, but what the hell, jump to get your blendtastic game on. There you have it; the Guitar Hero guitar controller does blend. Who knew? We thought we would be sick of these clips by now, but we have been proven wrong. Blending inanimate objects for no reason still completely rocks. We are slightly worried by ol' Dickson's manic look of insanity—his eyes seem to glaze over with a glass lifelessness that we have only ever seen in Russian dolls, but it adds to the humor. You go get 'em, Tom, you crazy cat. [Will It Blend?, Thanks, Adam. A.]

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