Blade Runner haiku competition winners!

bladerunner_ford2.jpgThanks for the great response to the Blade Runner: Final Cut competition. Thanks a lot. I've had to spend half the morning trying to find the best of the bunch, and it wasn't easy. A few common themes sprung up, so we've had to try and find those that carved out a mix of originality, cleverness, and raw poetic quality. Here's the winners list:

Richard S; Paul (Moons); Dr Jimbo; Dorina; Happy Traveller; Peter; Lisa; Ben; Jestar; John Cail

You'll all be contacted via your emails by the reps at Popcorn Taxi Melbourne, who will get your details onto their VIP door list. Congrats and enjoy the 4K gloriousnessnessness.

UPDATE: Winners' poetry after the jump!
Richard S
Natural, ersatz,
Distinguishment difficult
With only a glance

Replicants breathing
Free from humanity's curse
No unicorns here

time is running out
obsolescence has been planned
i want life father

Can Ridley Scott Count?
One replicant too many
Even in HD

could I be human?
dreaming of electric sheep
reality blurs...

Humanity can
Exist not only within
Flesh that has been born

blade runner is cool
it's a pity she won't live
but who really does

Runner of the blade
No one will come to your aid
Alone you will fade

artificial heart
but more empathy than Rick
who is the robot?

John Cail
Moments lost in time...
(Roy puts spike through hand and screams)
Just like tears in rain...

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