Beer, Guns Combined to Predictably Awesome Effect at Tokyo's Hollow Point Bar

Tucked away in a basement in Roppongi (easily the sleaziest neighbourhood I went to in Tokyo, as it's the one that caters to foreigners) lies Hollow Point, a bar with a twist. Sure, you can get drinks and bar food here, but down at the end of the narrow space is a shooting gallery. You can rent any number of realistic-looking air guns (ranging from pistols with laser sights, like the one I'm using, to big semi-automatic and automatic rifles), buy a clip or three, and go to town on either the bottles set up or a zombie-headed target. Who knew that drinking and shooting guns would be such a fun combo?

Because real guns are illegal, there's a huge market for very realistic air guns in Japan. There are groups of people who dress up in authentic military uniforms and then take to the countryside where they battle it out with the weapons. It's kind of like paintball here, but you get a lot more little red welts on you at the end of the day. It's a huge subculture that I didn't even know existed. It's a wonder that bars like this don't exist in the States (maybe they do, but I've never seen them or heard about them), as drinking beer and shooting guns seems like as American a pastime as driving SUVs or eating hot dogs. Tokyo's beating us at our own game here, people.

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