Aurora Premium keyboard, integrated audio, designer vibe

enermax-aurora.jpgForm, function, or a little of both? Here's a sleek keyboard that keeps plenty of both in mind. A diamond cut dark brushed aluminium plate forms the basis, and while the keyboard claims some ergonomic features (flat key caps, extended wrist rest, three-height stand) it looks fairly stock standard compared to true ergonomic boards.

Some nice features you find here are the two USB 2.0 ports, plus an audio chip for auto-transfer of audio signal via USB, so you can plug headsets straight into the keyboard. I had no idea audio I/O over USB was a problem on a keyboard port, so if that is true then this is a good point.

I get the feeling that, as sexy as this keyboard is looking, as soon as keyboards start delivering this sort of vibe, Apple will be just about to announce a major rethink of the Mac Pro chassis and the whole world will be going gaga over their next industrial design metaphor. They went flat plastics to translucent coloured plastics to brushed metals... what's next? Hot anodised metal colours? 'Retro' beige boxes or wood cabinets? Whatever the case, right now this does look pretty smart and it is on the market at $89. [Actiontec, the local outlet]

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