AT&T's International iPhone Data Plan Gives You 50MB For $59, Gouges You Slightly Less Than Before

Instead of gouging you for hundreds of dollars in international iPhone data roaming charges, AT&T is now giving you a Global Data Plan that tacks on $59.99 a month on top of your calling and existing iPhone Data plan and gives you 50MB to play with. After your 50MB is up, you're going to be charged $0.005/KB (which ends up being $5 a megabyte—ouch) in covered countries, and $0.010/KB in non-covered countries. If that's too much for you, there's also a $24.99 plan that gives you 20MB a month, after which you're charged the same $0.005/KB rate as the other plan in 29 covered countries, and $0.0195/KB (which is an atrocious $19.50 a megabyte) in non-covered countries. [AT&T]

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