AT&T Throws Pandora Smart Radio Down Your Wireless Pipes

pandora.pngPandora, the music station that takes one artist or song you like and feeds you—with pretty decent accuracy—other artists and songs you might like, has just gotten a content deal with AT&T. If you've got a Samsung SYNC, a717, a737, Moto V3xx, RAZR 2, LG trax, LG Cu400 or CU405, you can stream up to 100 Pandora stations over AT&T's 3G network. This program unfortunately costs you $US8.99 a month on top of your 3G plan, which is $US19.99 a month. With all the Pandora and fans out there, getting custom radio stations on the go is pretty much only one step away from having a DJ follow you around for nine bucks a month playing only songs you like. [AT&T]

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