Arantix Carbon Mesh Bike From Delta 7: Light, Sturdy, Shrapnel-Resistant? (Video)

Delta 7's Arantix bike frame is see-through and weighs just 2.75lbs but is so strong there's no rider weight limit. It's made of Isotruss, a material consisting of carbon fiber strands bent into a wide mesh to emulate the sturdy geometry of steel truss structures. That tech ain't cheap: Expect to pay $7,000 when it ships next spring (frame only—the other parts will run you $4K more). We are a little creeped out, though. If it's all about sports, why this talk about how well it withstands shrapnel hits? When we asked about military applications, one of the Delta 7 dudes said, simply, "Rapid deployment." Kinda alters the significance of "light artillery."–Video by Richard Blakeley [Delta 7 Sports]

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