AppleInsider Says Apple Ultra-Portable 13" Laptop at Macworld

macbook-mini-_familyshot.jpgWe've heard rumblings about that ultra-portable 13-inch notebook on its way from Apple for a while now, but now AppleInsider says it'll finally be rolled out at the MacWorld Expo and Conference in the middle of January. Because an optical disc will be reportedly omitted from the design, the new Mac book will be 50% lighter than the 15-inch MacBook Pro, putting it at a featherweight 3.4 pounds with battery. If AppleInsider's assertions are true, there are a lot more sweet features on the way, too.Keeping size, weight and power requirements down will be an onboard NAND flash drive instead of a spinning hard disk, which will hopefully result in instantaneous boot times. How small will this laptop be? Take a look at our Sizemodo that will give you a rough estimate. Apple is also said to be including a 13-inch LCD display in the notebook, with LED backlighting, further reducing power requirements. These features have been avoided in lots of other notebooks because of their high price, so the big question here is, will Apple be able to deliver this product at an affordable price? We may have to wait until January 15th to find out for sure. [Apple Insider]

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