Dealzmodo USA: Apple Booms Black Friday Deals

top_tile.gifApple's Black Friday deals out, available for online ordering with free shipping at the Apple Store online. The savings range from $US101 for MacBooks and iMacs to $US201 to a Sanyo Xacti VPC-E1 Waterproof camera or the $US21 that put the Apple Bluetooth Headset at $US108. The iPod also got some shaving in their price tag, including $US31 on the iPod classic, all with free laser engraving:• $US101 discount on MacBook and iMac

• $US21 discount on Apple Bluetooth Headset

• $US11 discount on iPod nano, shuffle, Airport Express, Mighty Mouse, iLife'08 and iWork'08

• $US21 discount on Apple Airport Extreme

There's a whole bunch of third party gear and software with different discounts, but nothing to write home about. You will be better off buying in other places. [AppleStore]

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