Another Nintendo DS Redesign on the Way?

gbobject-2.jpgGamespot is reporting that a redesign to the mega-popular Nintendo DS is complete and will hit the market when DS Lite sales taper off. Gamespot's source, financial analyst Evan Wilson, claims the revamped DS will be slimmer, lose the GBA port, add on-board memory and have larger screens.

While Nintendo has yet to comment on the matter, it seems about time for some sort of a Nintendo update in the portable market (the first DS hit stores in November 2004). Then again, it almost seems like it's time for a new portable system altogether from Nintendo. While the Gameboy Advance saw two redesigns during it's lifecycle, the Game Boy Micro its final redesign, was announced after the DS.

In any case, the mention of the on-board memory is especially interesting. Could Nintendo be adding media player functions to the DS? [Gamespot via Firing Squad]

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