Ann Smith Makes Magic Metal Monkeys From Trash (Probably)

JrPkGI.jpgRecycling is brilliant, especially when you are Ann Smith and have the talents of the creative arts at your fingertips. Ms. Smith is a creative recycler; she takes all manner of junk and works her magic. The result? An impressive collection of mechanized / steampunkish looking animal robots. The metal pets are used to create cool stop-motion footage clips, and they are all currently on show at the DeCordova Museum in Massachusetts and Cog & Pearl boutique in Brooklyn.Now, if only Ann would make us our very own desktop ornaments, then we'd be able to play out our wildest Jurassic Park fantasies. Fantasies where the Unicorn fights the Velociraptor to the death—not the fantasies where the triceratops is wearing Victoria's Secrets' latest and greatest and then gets frisky, because we never had those dreams... [Wired]

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