Amex Digital's GPS Equipped Phone is Strangely Alluring

AmexTheOther1GI.jpgHong Kong's Amex Digital has just released a GPS-enabled cellphone. The handset sports the common candy bar form factor, measures 114mm x 49.8 mm x 17mm, houses dual speakers, annoys you with a 2.5mm phone jack, has a 1.3MP camera, supports miniSD expansion and has a 2.4 QVGA TFT LCD.

With its mediocre aesthetics, why does this device seduce us so? Perhaps it is similar to our librarian back in third grade; sure she was a bit old, but we so would have. It was the way she scanned the books—really efficiently. Oh Amex Digital, efficiently GPS track us, please! [Ubergizmo]

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