Amazon Kindle Details Break: No Backlight, Download Times, Email, Wi-Fi

amazon_kindle2b.jpegI've put together a list of new information on the Kindle, and the picture is coming together nicely. Some of these are from my own sources, some are from Caroline at CNet News, who put together a great piece on the Kindle, and if timestamps have it right, scooped the news of Monday's Launch a few hours before we did.

• That big fat keyboard that seems useless? It's not. The Kindle will have email. And the keyboard is good for search, too.

• There is no backlight. Instead, an external lamp on an arm is going to help with night reading.

• We've suspected EVDO, but CNet suspects Sprint. It apparently has Wi-Fi, too.

• Book download should take 2 minutes.

• Yes, that is the final design. (Snowspeeder-ish, as reader Atroc. has commented)

• A bigger book collection than even Sony, with 50-100 news sources including the WSJ and NYTimes.

• Audiobook support and a headphone jack.

• Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos will unveil it on Monday.

[CNet and Tipster X]

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