Amazon Customers Vote Will Get You Goodies For Pennies

Pa0211107GI.jpgLast year, Amazon ran a promotion called Customers Vote, which let the consumers vote on discounts they would like to receive. The scheme culminated in ridiculous, basement priced deals, including an Xbox 360 Core for $100! This year, Amazon returns with the very same promotion, and the potential savings return once again. What will it be? A Wii for $50? We couldn't say, but voting has not even started yet. The promotion initially resulted in Amazon's site becoming crippled by the surge of punters that wanted to grab a bargain. To make things more stable, Amazon has refined the rules, but the system is still looking sweet for great prices. The rules are a little complicated, so put your thinking cap on and jump in.On November 15th, eighteen products will be revealed and voting shall open. Voting shall take place across six rounds. Each vote shall set three products against one another. The winner from each round shall then be made available at a discount, to randomly selected customers who chose the winning item in that round. The votes for all six rounds will be cast in one go, the total votes will then be added up to determine one ultimate winning product. The baby that triumphs is going to be made available at a serious, crazy discount. Again, only randomly selected individuals who voted for the overall winner shall be selected to purchase. The two runner-up positions will also be offered at (slightly lower) discount prices.

Phew! Anyway, crux of this is; make sure you cast your vote come the 15th for a chance at the potential huge savings. If you are picked, drop us a line and tell us all about it. [Amazon via I4U]

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