Alpine eX-10 Bluetooth Hub and iPod FM Transmitter For Your Car

DSC01414.jpgLike the Venturi Mini, the eX-10 includes an FM transmitter, along with support for the A2DP stereo Bluetooth profile, and can pair with up to four devices simultaneously. However, the Alpine device ups the ante by packing in an iPod cable and a larger display (but sadly it's not a touch screen). We also liked the fact that the eX-10 has a detached mic that clips onto your visor for clearer calls. However, we're skeptical about the device's remote control interface and think that the remote just begs to be lost. The hub simply connects to the cigarette lighter and can be mounted to your dash with the built in suction cup. The Alpine eX-10 should be available in about three weeks and will retail for $200. [Alpine]


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