Alienware Further Teases Us With Powerful Area-51 Notebooks

alienware_area51_front.jpgAll that pre-release hype from Alienware we heard last week led up to even more pre-release hype today, with the company unveiling its two new laptops, the Area-51 m15x and m17x. It's calling the radical PCs "the most powerful notebooks ever created." There's still an air of mystery around the two laptops, but we do know that both the 15.4" Area-51 m15x and the 17" Area-51 m17x will be using Intel Core 2 Duo Extreme processors at 2.8GHz, and will have enough graphics mojo to play 1080p video and beaucoups games. Pricing and availability still weren't announced, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, feast your eyes on the pretty pics of these highly capable baubles from the extraterrestrials. [Alienware, via Electronista]


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