Airbus Planning on 900 Passenger Super A380?

singaporea3802.jpgAccording to, Airbus SAS plans to build a 900-seat version of its famously enormous A380 superjumbo. Currently, the A380 is intended to carry between 500-800 passengers depending on the configuration — although it has held up to 873, on at least one occasion. That could mean that a "stretch" Airbus A380 could be adjusted to hold as many as 1000 passengers depending on the carrier. Airbus will begin developing the larger version after the standard plane reaches full production in 2010. The Arab Emirates, the companies biggest client, has already shown interest saying that they would buy a new model when they become available. [Kansas via Luxist]


    Let's compare this concept plane with a 747 three-class seating 416 passengers. Say we assume that per chance 1 in 1M flights goes down of each type (obviously unrealistic figure at present since 747 flights out-number A380 flights, but in the future...). It then takes ~2M flights for an equal amount to die in the 747 crashes. Then let's compare to an equal amount of 737 flights with about 100 passengers and find that we'd have ~9M flights to equal the deaths for one crash of this proposed A380.

    Ok, these figures are rough but do indicate obviously that a single crash of an extended A380 will be devastating. There is no denying it that if these planes do one day become more "domesticated" there will be really bad effects.

    Now let's introduce an increasingly turbulent world stage with many groups looking for ways to kill anyone associated to a western society (or just for whatever sick reason they think they should kill people) and here is the "perfect" big tin can in the sky to plummet to Earth.

    Word of warning: doesn't matter how safe men design something, it eventually breaks or gets broken.

    Like I implied this is a futuristic view of the situation. Ok, enough from me.

      So I take it you're all for 1 passenger seating planes since it would only kill one person if it crashes?

      1 passenger seating ships

      1 passenger seating trains

      1 passenger seating buses

      1 passenger seating motorcycles - hmmm I just got an idea here. lol

      Anyway, I think you get the point. It's down to economics. You could also argue that an air traffic world with ONLY 10,000 A380 in the air is much safer than a world with 30,000 7x7

    Overall, this superjumbo is the perfect way to move a mass of people over a considerable distance for a cheap price per litre of fuel per seat. As a long distance aircraft mainly relying on autopilot, the fly-by-wire design is practicle, and as for cost of aircraft and airport maintenance, these super birds do leave a really clean image with reduced airport taxes as air traffic decreases and passenger numbers increase. I like.

    And as world population rises, we should consider crashes of larger aircraft as magnitudinal as we do now the 737-800 (we should already, what with 6 billion people as our population). And don't forget that there has not been a major crash since the A 380 has come out (albeit it has been a year or two of service compared to 30 years by the 747, which has an almost perfect flying record in terms of crashes).

    Why is there a macbook infront of the plane?

    Less population, we need.

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