AE Techron Amp Powerful Enough to Simulate Lightning Strikes on a Boeing 787

lightning_amp.jpgSure you could use the 12,000 watt AE Techron Model 7796 DC-Coupled AC Amplifier to play music, but power like that cannot be relegated to music alone. It needs to be harnessed for something bigger—like unholy experimentation with the forces of nature. In fact, the very first customer to purchase one of these amps is planning on wiring 12 of them up in three phases to simulate lightning strikes on a Boeing 787 airplane. Other Techron models have already been used to test relays in the power industry.

Other specs include: max 6600 watts RMS continuous output, a frequency response of 0 - 30kHz (+0.1 - 0.5dB), 1/4 ohm stable, and a total weight of 153 pounds. Even if you aren't interested in lightning strikes (or bringing the dead back to life), there is plenty to love about the 7796—except for the price. Available for $10,750. [Product Page via Audiojunkies via Uberreview]

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