A Plush Webcam is Not a Tush Webcam

305.jpgHere's a cute 1.3MP webcam that will only run you $US16.99. We just don't recommend it for the purpose we both know you are already planning:

"Oohh, you're so sweet. This little chipmunk thing is the cutest!"

"Sure, happy one month anniversary.""I can't wait to snuggle with him at night."

"Oh, about that. Just make sure you have him plugged in to you computer at all times."

"...why's that?

"It's...uhh...for his pacemaker. Poor little guy."

"Phew, I thought you were some perv wanting to watch me changing."

"Me? Funny!"

"Instead you're just delusional and super bad at buying gifts."


"Either way you're pretty much never seeing me naked again." [product via 7gadgets]

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