Yamaha YSP-500 the Littlest Sound Beam Surround System

yamaha_ysp_500.jpegI love the YSP series soundbars from Yamaha, but two points: their prices, and fact that you can't table mount em without blocking the bottom part of a flat panel. The Japan-only YSP-500 has only 18 individual sound beam drivers as opposed to 42 in the YSP-4000. It's also only 24-inches long, will fit easily under a TV and costs only $647. It support "Dolby digital, DTS, Dolby Pro Logic II and DTS Neo:6" and as Paul Strauss notes, you need a sub to really get the most out of this soundbar. Unfortunately, there's no mention of HDMI inputs. If YSP wants to go mainstream, Yamaha should bring this setup here. [Technabob]

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