Yamaha Aims High With CD-S2000 CD Player and A-S2000 Amplifier

yamaha_2000amp_cd.jpgYamaha targets a notch or two above the level of midrange audio consumers with this A-S2000 amplifier and CD-S2000 CD player, set to hit the Japanese market in mid-December of this year. The company upgraded components inside, including the PCM-1792 DAC (digital-to-analog converter) from Texas Instruments inside that CD player ($1466), a DAC that's a favourite of many audiophiles for its low-distortion translation of CD bits into analogue audio. Those with golden ears will also like the way the designers strived to keep noise levels low by separating power supplies and amplification inside the 190-watt-per-channel power amp ($1834), too. And just look at the clean, unfettered design. Beautiful. [Audio Junkies]

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