XtremeMac Tango Studio, a Dock for the Latest iPods

Tango-Studio-frontpage.jpgXtreme Mac must've thought its old Tango iPod dock was getting a little long in the tooth and also bit too expensive, so now there's Tango Studio, a more-compact room audio system and FM radio that works with just about any iPod, even the new ones. It has a retractable iPod dock that's ambidextrous, able to take on all comers as long as they're not too ancient and wear the Apple brand, or have an aux jack for a bit less functionality. Besides that, all that distinguishes it from the growing mob of iPod docks is its cool blue LEDs that disappear behind the black cloth grill, part of its minimalist design that looks like an angled black plane with no front buttons anywhere to be seen. Still, it looks like a decent value for $79.95. [XtremeMac]


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