Xbox 360 Racing Wheels Not That Broken, Return Boxes Coming In

360wheelletter.jpgThe Xbox 360 Racing Wheel Retrofit program that Microsoft instituted back in August is well underway, with people getting letters like the one above that we personally received.

If you signed up for a "retrofit", you'll be eventually sent a shipping container that you can shove your wheel for Microsoft to repair and ship back to you about 2-4 weeks later (an eternity in game time). However, if you want to take your chances, Microsoft's said there have only been 70 "incidents" in the field, which taken out of 230,000 sold units, isn't all that many. So it's up to you: a house slightly on fire or a month of having to play Forza 2 and PGR4 with a regular controller. [Next-Gen Biz via Kotaku]

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