WooMe, Webcam Speed-Dating

webcamdating.jpgIn the days of technology where many of us never need to leave the house, WooMe webcam speed-dating offers 1-minute romance from the comfort of your own home (and even bathroom if you want it).

Users log on to the service, searching for love. After one minute of intense video chatting, potential Romeos and Juliets declare "I'm Wooed" or "No thanks." When both users are smitten, a mere $1 investment per party allows for the exchange of contact info (and subsequently, STDs).

But our favourite feature has to be the optional one-word tag you can use to label your...err...exes. Just remember that your favourite two word summaries like "big boobies" and "arrogant prick" can be abbreviated to "probableprostitute" and "mayberichbutkindaold." [nyt via dethroner]

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