Winplus Yada All-In-One Hands Free Kit Makes Talking and Driving Easier

yadaheadset.jpgWinplus launched their Yada Hands Free Kit at CTIA tonight, aiming to simplify phone use in your car with an all in one headset/charger/cradle. The YD-V1 fits any mobile phone with side supports that adjust to the width of your phone and uses your 12v DC outlet for power. The Yada comes with a Bluetooth 2.0 headset that sports noise cancellation technology, docks and charges on the YD-V1.

The headset hangs up calls when docked, turns off when the engine turns off, and turns back on when the engine is turned on (provided it's docked). In addition, The Yada is a super light product for its size, mounting to an air vent or dashboard. Nothing groundbreaking, but the built-in headset charger seems made for people like me who always forget to charge their headset at home. The YD-V1 should hit stores next week for about $US60. [WinPlus]

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