Whirlpool's Espresso Refrigerator Makes Your Coffee, Stops Childhood Obesity

mahoosivefridge.jpgIt may be a bit too early for freshly drafted beer from a HomePub fridge, but it is never too early for caffeine. Thanks to Whirlpool's Espresso refrigerator, you can now get your xanthine alkaloid-based fix any time of the day or night, fresh out of your fridge. The multitasking food cool closet boasts Whirlpool's 6th-sense technology, which means it is a dab hand at keeping food cold as well! Is there anything this device cannot do?Apparently, unrestricted access for your children may predispose them to obesity, but who cares about that when you have: an in-door-ice system, internal water filters and options for both hot and cold water dispensing, all in a sexy stainless steel finish. The whole kid/fridge access/obese issue was noted, and a child lock added for good measure. There you have it; Whirpool, delivering your psychoactive stimulant-infused beverages, cooling your grub and parenting your children. The Espresso refrigerator will ship in January 2008 at an undisclosed price. [Appliancist]

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