uRock MP3 Player and Speaker Amp is Fit for Smurfs

UrokGi.jpgLike your penis under an electron microscope, the uRock guitar MP3 player and amp speaker look regular-sized. Again, like your penis, they are in fact teeny-weeny, but unlike your maggot and peas, the uRock set has a use. The guitar in the set functions as an MP3 player, with 1GB storage and support for MP3 and WMA playback.

Urok2Gi.jpgThe impressive little tyke comes with a lanyard and a tiny pick, which will only ever be used to clean your filthy nails. The amp is equally small, but it functions as a portable speaker. Given its size, it probably isn't going to blow anyone away, and we are quite frankly astonished by the similarities between your manhood and the uRock set. If you want to waste £45.99 ($105.72) on this device, don't let us stop you. [Product Page via Technabob]

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