UPDATED: AT&T Dish Network Victimizes California Couple Whose House Just Burned Down

As if those disastrous California fires weren't bad enough, watch this poor couple whose house had just burned down describe how AT&T demanded $300 for a Dish Network satellite receiver that had also been destroyed in the conflagration. We hear AT&T intends to respond to this, so we'll withhold judgment until the phone giant explains why it would ignore the disaster and ask for immediate payment from this unfortunate couple. Couldn't AT&T at least have postponed the payment until the insurance check arrives? [Consumerist]

UPDATE: AT&T responded to this post and video with a statement:

This customer initially called AT&T to discuss other communications services. After she was transferred to Dish, the disaster policy Dish has in place was not followed. This customer will not be charged for service cancellation or equipment fees—that is our policy, and the policy of Dish, in times of natural disasters. We have spoken with this customer to clarify our policy, and we are committed to taking care of all customers affected by the fires. We are providing several no-cost options for fire victims to suspend their phone, broadband and satellite service, including a pause of service, with no equipment fees.

Nice spin control, AT&T—quick and graceful. Turns out a Dish Network customer service rep was being a hardass and it's not AT&T's policy to kick customers when they're down. Whew.

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