Unbricked iPhones Now Fully Working, Calls Included (UPDATED)

Yesterday we reported how to unbrick an unlocked iPhone. Today we have discovered that you can send and receive calls, SMS and mails too, as well as surf the Web with it. You just have to use a TurboSIM card (like I did) and, according to the iPhone Sim Free people, any restored iPhone with their paid software installed (we have been unable to test this. ) [Original article: Sunday September 30 11:56AM. Updated Monday October 3:26AM: it calls with iPhone Sim Free unlock too. Check the details after the jump.] [UPDATE Monday October 3:26AM: Since my iPhone was unlocked with IPSF's paid unlock, yesterday I tried with the Vodafone SIM alone. It didn't work, reporting a wrong SIM. However, after talking with IPSF people, I ran iNdependence again to reactivate the iPhone with only the Vodafone card in and now it works perfectly. Now my iPhone is fully working without TurboSIM, just the software unlock.

If you have an iPhone unlocked with IPSF and the cell is reporting wrong SIM inserted, you have to activate the iPhone again with your non-AT&T SIM inside using Independence or iBrickr]

I was too tired to think about trying this yesterday, but today I put my TurboSIM card with the Vodafone SIM and, as you can see in the video, it works great. The iPhone is now exactly in the same state as it was for me before the software update: it can send and receive calls, SMS and mails, as well as surf the Web.

The iPhone Sim Free people, who previously said their paid software unlock will work despite firmware updates, is claiming now that if you downgrade to firmware 1.0.2 your non-AT&T SIM will work just fine. I've tried this but couldn't get it to work. We are talking to them to see what may be happening.

Meanwhile, iPhone Dev Team is working full speed ahead on two things:

• Downgrading the baseband so they can unlock again the iPhones restored to version 1.0.2 from 1.1.1.

• Crating another free unlock that will work for version 1.1.1 of the software. According to them, both may be very near—now testing— and they have put it forward to people with bricked phones to "be patient and hold on until we come with a full solution for 1.1.1 firmware."

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