UK's 3 SkypePhone Gets Camera, Media Functions

skypephone3.jpgThe Skype Phone on UK's 3 cellular provider just got leaked, and UK Phone News claims they have a picture of the device but can't show it—but they can tell us details. The Skype phone will have a 2-megapixel camera with photo editing and effects, video capture and an MP3 player with various media functions. The important point is still that a cellular provider is subsidizing/allowing a Skype phone to be used on their network. We're not sure how the pricing is going to work out, but we're certain that the calls won't be free and that they'll eat up your minutes. Your best bet is to get a powerful enough Windows Mobile phone with Wi-Fi and install Skype on that. [UKPhoneNews]

AU: I think Jason is basing his thoughts too much on restrictive American network arrangements and underestimating 3 Mobile and their highly progressive attitudes to mobile data usage. We already have Skype to Skype on our phones here with 3, and they've said it is only a software issue that is delaying full Skype Out access.

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