Toyota i-Real Concept "Car"

toyota-ireal.jpgWe were pretty excited about this Toyota concept "car" called the i-Real, Toyota's successor to the way too sci-fi to be real i-Unit. Just hear the pitch: it's a car the wraps around your body, allowing you to zip through life with little encumbrance from mortal legs. Meanwhile, when going at high speeds, it will leave an upright position and allow you to lean back, increasing stability and cutting back on the face-first into the wall factor. It seemed like the better Segway because of its ability to cut the bullshit and haul arse as necessary. But alas, the i-Real only goes 18.6 mph, making it little more than the coolest wheelchair on the block. Hit up jalopnik for a full photo gallery. [jalopnik and uberreview]

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