Torpedo Projector: You Probably Get What You Pay Only $179 For

torpedoproj.jpgCrafted by the makers of TV Poker, the Sweet Thang Plush and the "Original Scoozie Pet," the Torpedo Entertainment Projector probably isn't a good choice to form the cornerstone of your home theater. But, for a measly $179 at Target or Wal-Mart, the 920 x 240-resolution projector's not a bad way to mildly frighten your children with a nearly 6-foot high image of Ursula slapped across your wall when it's time for the Little Mermaid at bedtime. Since it comes with a headphone jack in addition to the built-in amp, the only noise would be their screaming, and you probably hear that enough it doesn't phase you anymore. The real question is how well it'd perform for grown-up purposes with the middling res and questionable pedigree—art projects, maybe? [CrunchGear]

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