Tokyoflash Kyokusen Watch's Series of Digital Tubes Confuses Noobs

kyokusen_front.jpgWeird watchseller Tokyoflash is now shipping Kyokusen, another puzzle posing as a timepiece, and this one has a brighter digital tube LED display that gives you a wider viewing angle than ever. It's available in a variety of display colors, and you can also specify a case in either black or silver, with matching bands. See if you can figure out what time each of these watches is showing, and find the solution after the jump.

TOK007_L1TOK007_L3tf_kyokusen_2[1] TOK007_m

kyokusen_inside.jpg As you can see in the diagram above, the L-shaped group of bar-shaped indicators show the hours, the circle shows five-minute increments arranged like an analogue watch dial, and then there are four dots in the middle that each represent a minute within those five-minute increments.

So the answer to the puzzle above? The watch with the green LEDs indicates 9:34, the gold reads 10:35 and the blue is 9:48. This watch is just radical enough to be worth its $119.75 price. [TokyoFlash, via TechnaBob]

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