The State of Free Mobile Games: Dead?

mobilegame.jpgSlate's running a pretty solid piece bemoaning the state of mobile gaming, in particular, the genocide of free games like Tetris and Snake as developers realised "consumers aren't going to buy the cow when they can play Virtual Milkmaid for free. It's obvious where this line of reasoning leads: Goodbye Tetris, hello $7 Tetris."

The other great point the piece makes is that more complicated games—often miniature versions of full-size console or PC games—are a waste, since most mobile gamers just want to slay a few minutes in line at Starbucks, otherwise they'd have a DS or PSP. That, and yeah, paying money for Tetris does have a way of sucking the fun out of it. Have you guys dropped cash on games for your phone or simply resulted to alternate means of diversion? [Slate]

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