The Gadget Wars, Who Won/Lost Last Week?

EagleWithFlagWar-paint.jpgEvery week is a battle. There's seldom any bullets and generally no poison gas. But every week is a battle for the consumer mind and the consumer heart. Here's the way we saw things this week: one big winner, one loser and one company that's dead in the water.

+ AT&T
Part of AT&T's Terms of Service agreement that pretty much stated that if you talked bad about AT&T, AT&T could stop you from talking. Even though AT&T told us the language would never be used as we inferred, AT&T admitted that they looked like jackasses and amended their policy for the way better. Plus, AT&T made a huge powerplay in circumventing the upcoming 700mhz spectrum bid, buying a piece for themselves from Aloha Partners.

- Star Wars
X-Wings can't really fly. Who would have thought? Because for all these years, we just assumed the Wright Brothers were a bunch of overrated quacks too wussy to cross some wings and let it ride.

= Apple
It's OK Apple, people have done your job for you and gotten the bricked firmware updated hacked iPhones up and running again. Now never, ever pull a stunt like that again.

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