Telemax III: TV Remote and Hands-Free Phone All-In-One

telemax.jpgAustralian design firm Tiller+Tiller is hoping that their new TeleMax phone/universal TV remote hybrid concept will find its way into homes all over the world thanks to a design that's so simple even Grandma can use it. The button controls are large enough to be seen easily by the visually impaired, and the layout is basic and clean to eliminate confusion. Plus it's rugged enough to handle any bumps and spills along the way.

As far as functionality is concerned, the TeleMax III keeps the simple theme going by automatically muting the TV mode when a call is received —and since it is hands-free, the bulky look of the unit should pose no problem. At this point, the Telemax III is still in a prototype phase, but Tiller+Tiller hopes to have a commercial version ready (along with stripped-down I and II versions) for release sometime in the next 18 months. [Gizmag]

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