SwitchBack Rugged Ultra Mobile PC Unboxed

SwitchBack_PC_Unboxed.jpgIf you read our story about Roper's coveted SwitchBack PC hitting the commercial market, you might've wanted a closer look at the goods. We got one to play around with, and it's definitely a little bundle of bulletproof joy. It weighs in at just 3lbs 2oz all by itself; when you pop on the standard BackPack (USB, VGA, serial port, audio in/out), it hits 3lbs 11oz. We were surprised to see that it had an integrated (and fully waterproof) speaker, as well as a stylus plus mouse-stick for a choice of cursor movement. Even with a 1GHz Celeron, it started up nice and quick, and the screen looked great, albeit tiny. Stay tuned—in about a week, we should have a video of this baby getting put through the paces big time. Can you say "dunk tank"? Our interns can.


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