Standoff Climaxes When Suspect Shoots Bomb-Squad Robot In Face

Bomb_Bot_Shot.jpgWhile the Gulf Coast of Florida has no shortage of angry old coots living in trailers, this Saturday was the first time one of them shot a bomb-sniffing robot in the face (or well, the lens).

Over the weekend, a SWAT team, K-9 Units, and Special Ops Negotiators were called into a North Fort Myers trailer park where an unidentified 60- to 70-year-old man was allegedly menacing his neighbour with a gun. When the man saw the cops, he threatened to kill himself. The scariest moment was robot free, actually, but very very Hollywood:

At one point, a deputy and the subject confronted one another face to face, both holding a gun. Fortunately the two walked away without firing a shot.

Johnny Five inevitably stepped in and, as it happens, took one for the (SWAT) team:

As night was beginning to fall, deputies stepped up their tactics by using a bomb robot to assist. The subject shot at the robot, breaking the robot's lens, and then deputies subdued the man.

No word yet whether Johnny Five is dead... or alive. [WINK via The Raw Feed]

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