Speeder Argues That His GPS Unit Proves the Police Radar Gun is Wrong

gps_vs_radar.jpgIf you have been on the fence about picking up a GPS unit for your car, consider this: accused speeder Shaun Malone of California is fighting a speeding ticket citing that his GPS system proves that the police radar gun is wrong. According to the police report, the 17 year old Malone was going 62mph in a 45 zone. However, his stepfather (a retired police sheriff) argues that the data shows that he was not speeding in the area where the infraction occurred. He notes that a GPS unit capable of tracking speed is far more accurate than a radar gun, which is subject to human error.

Currently, it will be up to a Sonoma County traffic commissioner to decide whether data collected by a GPS unit is capable of overturning a ticket. As you know, the results of that ruling could have far-reaching implications for those desiring to stick it to the man. [AP via Ars Technica]

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