Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Speaker MBS-100 Looks Like a Disease

mbs100_front.jpgSony Ericsson takes its design chops to the limit with this Portable Bluetooth Speaker MBS-100, a softball-sized orb that reminds us of something we saw in a microscope when we put some soap scum on the slide. With its rechargeable battery that's said to last five hours, it's just about small enough to take with you, and hooks up to any Bluetooth device via A2DP. Apparently the various positions of these speaker holes will spread that sound far and wide, but this design reminds us of the underwater mine, and it still has a scratching our heads. Sony Ericsson says the MBS-100 will ship in Q1 of '08. If it's cheap, it might be good for a few laughs. [Sony Ericsson]


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