Sonos ZoneBridge 100 Dated and Priced for EU

sonos_zonebridge.png We broke the news just last week that anew Sonos ZoneBridge would be coming after an FCC leak. Essentially a wireless bridge for your Sonos system (allowing you to reserve a more expensive Sonos base unit for use in a room that doesn't house your router or link to stations together over greater distances), the ZoneBridge has been announced for an October 24th launch in Europe at the price of £69.00. We're hoping that this new Sonos accessory will find a cheaper price in the States than the $140 conversion would imply. Because otherwise, we're totally telling our rich uncle it's too expensive and that he shouldn't buy it. Hit the jump for a little diagram explaining how all this wireless music sharing works. UPDATE: OUR SOURCES CONFIRM THAT U.S. PRICING FOR ZONEBRIDGE WILL INDEED BE $99. sonos_zonebridge1.png[automatedhome]

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