Some Retailers Selling Xbox 360 Pro Bundle

en0hw3xi.JPGWow, with no official announcement, the Xbox 360 Pro Bundle is already on sale at (at least) one Best Buy and apparently GameStops around the US. The $350 pack gets you a standard Xbox 360 Premium along with the excellent racing game Forza 2 and so-so action game Marvel Ultimate Alliance (*AU: Out here the second game is the wonderful Viva Pinata *). Essentially, you get the same Xbox 360 as before along with some free games. So while there's no sexy free hardware in the pack, it all makes for better justification on the pocketbook. Cheapo.

Just make sure you don't buy the old $350 Premium that's still floating around at retailers like Amazon. Because there's really no reason not to score some free games for the same price. [kotaku]

AU: We HAVE had an official announcement here in Australia for this bundle, though as mentioned above it features Forza 2 and Viva Pinata. The bundle is available from November 1, and is labelled as 'for a limited time only', so if you're holding out for a Christmas purchase, next weekend is looking like a good time to get in before the rush.

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