Solid Gold 2008 Calendar for Clueless Rich Fucks

goldCalendar.jpgIf you're going to put a 2008 calendar on your wall, might as well spend $257,000 on one made of solid gold, right? An opportunistic Tokyo jeweler hops on the soak-the-rich bandwagon for the second year in a row with this 26.3-inch-tall calendar that consists of 13.23 pounds of 24k gold. How ostentatious can you get, with an object that's so obviously disposable? Well, if you had a few billion dollars, what's $257,000 among friends? Attention, rich people with no brains: instead of literally throwing your money away on a nitwit item such as this, put that cash to work for the betterment of womankind. It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and you could buy pink Zunes from Warriors in Pink and pass them out to 1028 of your closest friends, with 100% of that money going to save boobies! Let's see ... save human beings, or buy a solid gold calendar? You decide. [Spluch]

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