Smellivision Ads, Coming to Billboards

1017.pngThe prospect of smellivision has intrigued Man since he was enjoying the earthy scent of dinosaur cooking over an open flame, wishing He could exploit its musk to sell more dinoburgers. At long last, NTT Communications is incorporating smells into their digital signs. Using one billboard (OK, LCD display) as an experiment this month, visitors of the Tokyo JR train line will get to see beer and smell delicious oranges.

No, it's not what we had in mind either. The sign's smells will change throughout the day, emitting lemon in the afternoon and "woody" aromas at night. The bottles of chemicals are used in various recipes to create the smells, which are ultrasonically sprayed across a 5,400 square foot area. The sign can gather updated scents through an auto web download. And for the ambitious hacker, we're guessing some nasty pranks could be programmed for unintentional public consumption. [press release via pinktentacle]

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