Smartphones Secure Enough For the NSA

Sectera_Edge_parts.jpgBecause BlackBerries and Sidekicks aren't quite secure enough for the NSA—the government agency that knows you called the Nintendo tip hotline way too many times in the late '80s—they're ordering up a bunch of General Dynamics Sectera Edge smartphones.

Not only are these things up to military spec, which means you can drop it on the dirt while taking cover, it's got a personal organizer. The features that makes it NSA-approved are its advanced SIPRNET and NIPRNET access, DoD PKI-enabled Common Access Card Support, DoD 8100.2 requirement satisfaction, Type 1 classified data encrypted storage support, and the ability to be used inside "closed areas" with an SCIF-Friendly mode. Those specs are like security fanfic porn to the NSA tech crew. [GDC4s via Crave]

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